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Mercredi, 28 Mars 2012 22:39

  This is actually the only soccer website in the Outaouais region where you can find all latest soccer news, both regional and international. Here everyone can find answers to questions that may arise in his professional soccer activity. After one year of efforts our website now gets around 1,000 page views daily and continuously increasing.

Advertisement (publisher) offers two types of advertisement static banners and articles.

Static banners have the greatest impact to the public online, that's why we have chosen this type of advertising on our website. All banners on are prepaid. Usually the minimum advertising period is 30 days. Currently we offer only one place for banners advertisement (see image below) on the site that appears on all pages of the website with exception of frontpage (on frontpage instead of banner appears calendar). All banners/logos provided by advertiser must be accepted and approved by the team before placing them online.

Articles are proved to be secondly best advertising strategy that's why we have chosen this type of advertising on our website as well. When an internet marketer decides to buy articles, they are making the right choice. Good quality content provides desirable message to widespread public, even more you get backlinks which will increase your business website ranking in search engine results.



Our prices



Regular price  (30 days)


200 x 200

    200 CAD


up to 2000 words

     20 CAD

 * Publisher do NOT provide banner, advertiser must provide it. Banner will appear on all pages with exception of frontapage.

** Publisher do NOT provide article, advertiser must provide it. Articles are posted only for 24 hours on frontpage, after one day it appears in appropriate category. On the front page it appears in a short variant up to 150 words with read more link to the full article.

Article and banner placement.



If you're interested in our offers please write an e-mail to Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir. for further arrangements.


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